Bio: My name is John Lusink. I am the General Manager at RE/MAX Premier Inc. in Vaughan, Ontario. RE/MAX Premier is a growing brokerage of approximately 400 agents, and as General Manager, I oversee all operations at RE/MAX Premier in Vaughan, as well as work to give RE/MAX clients the greatest competitive edge in the industry possible. I am a 27-year veteran of the commercial, residential, and office management functions in real estate throughout Ontario; in addition, I spent 15 years managing various residential offices in the downtown Toronto and York regions. I am extremely proud of the knowledge and experience I have acquired over nearly three decades in the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds of Toronto area real estate sales and management, and I offer this blog as a means of sharing that knowledge and experience with other realtors and brokers. As the Mission Statement of this blog communicates, my goal is to share with other realtors and brokers some of the valuable “tips, tools, resources, and helpful hints for achieving success” that I have learned over the years, and “to improve the professionalism and quality of realtors in our industry.” During my career, I have gained a broad range of experience with some of the most reputable firms in Canada, including Royal LePage Canada, Coldwell Banker Commercial, Thornmark Capital and Dominion Lending Centers. I pride myself on my ability to provide leadership and on my tenacity for developing new businesses. I’ve worked hard throughout my career to develop innovative sales and marketing techniques and strategies, and to build loyalty and commitment to excellence with all of my business partners. I regularly employ the techniques and strategies for success developed by the FocalPoint Business Coaching system, of which I am a Certified Business Coach and owner of the Newmarket FocalPoint Franchise. These business strategies have enabled me succeed in a number professional accomplishments, and more specifically, have allowed me to reach the position of General Manager at RE/MAX Premier, something which I am truly proud of. I am a strong believer in giving back, to both my community and to other agents and brokers. I hope to be able to share with you many valuable insights and tools to help you build your own real estate business, wherever you may be, and to help you understand the value of ethical business behavior and sharing with others. Here is to an ongoing and successful online relationship… John Lusink, CCIM, General Manager at RE/MAX Premier Inc.

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